Well, 2015 is officially over, and thus 2016 is underway – which, of course, means a whole host of new nerdy things for comic fans the world over to look forward to! And with this handy article, you’ll know exactly what to get pumped for in the coming 12 months – so let’s jump right into it!


Comic Book Movies have really been blowing up in a big way over the last decade or so, and superhero-based comic book movies in particular have really clicked into their own little (read: HUGE) niche in the mainstream movie industry. With Marvel pitting hero against hero and forging their way into the mystical aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC and Warner Bros. set to expand on a cinematic universe of their own, and Fox studios doing X-Men fans proud, 2016 is looking to be an excellent year for movie-going comic book fans!

Marvel Studios

  • Captain America: Civil War [May 5]
  • Doctor Strange [November 4]


Fox Studios

  • Deadpool [February 14]
  • X-Men: Apocalypse [May 27]
  • Gambit [Unconfirmed release date, possibly postponed until 2017]

DEADPOOL Ryan Reynolds is Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL. Photo Credit: Joe Lederer TM & © 2015 Marvel & Subs.  TM and © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.  All rights reserved.  Not for sale or duplication.

DC/Warner Bros.

  • Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice [March 25]
  • Suicide Squad [August 5]


Television Shows

Of course, the big screen isn’t the only screen that comic books have successfully invaded – they’ve managed to do the same on the small screen too. Marvel has a whole host of content releasing via ABC and Netflix this year, whilst DC is continuing on with it’s own television shows.

Marvel Studios/ABC

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three [Continuing from 2015/Airs March 8]
  • Agent Carter Season Two [Airs January 19]


Marvel Studios/Netflix

  • Daredevil Season Two [Goes Live on Netflix March 18]
  • Luke Cage Season One [Goes Live on Netflix TBA 2016]


Warner Television/The CW

  • The Flash Season Two [Continuing from 2015/Airs January 19]
  • Arrow Season Four [Continuing from 2015/Airs January 20]
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [Airs January 21]


Warner Television/CBS

  • Supergirl Season One [Continuing from 2015/Currently Airing]



  • AMC’s The Walking Dead Season Six [Continuing from 2015/Airs February 14]
  • Preacher [Airs TBA 2016 ]



Now, how could I make a post about what comic fans have to look forward to in 2016 without talking about, well, comics? Pfft, it can’t be done! Comic fans have some events from both Marvel and DC Comics to look forward to this year (of course, there are comics from other publishing outlets and self-publishers too, but you can keep your eye open for a separate article on those, n3 readers)!


  • Avengers: Standoff – an Avenger’s crossover bringing together three generations of Captain America’s and their fellow avengers into a stand-off of epic proportions! The event promises to reveal shocking truths, and shake up the status quo of these characters following the launch of Marvel’s All-New All-Different initiative
  • Civil War II – With the upcoming Captain America film based loosely on the epic Civil War crossover event, what time could be more perfect for a sequel to the best-selling crossover event? While the event shares the same name (with an added “II”), Marvel has promised an event unlike it’s predecessor (but hopefully no less epic)!
  • Apocalypse Wars – Of course, the Avengers aren’t the only inhabitants of the Marvel Universe who are getting themselves in a crossover-worthy conflict – the Mutants are set to go up against one of their toughest enemies, Apocalypse – the first Mutant! Working his way into all the X-titles across the range, this could be another great event for X-Men fans to look forward to this year!
  • Spider-Women – Now, this event doesn’t actually have a name yet, or any real details, but we know it’s happening: Spider-Gwen, Silk and Spider-Woman are all set to have their own crossover event sometime this year! Keep your eyes open for more details as they are released!


DC Comics

  • The Rise of The Seven Seas – Originally set to be an Aquaman-centric storyline taking place in the Justice League series, the event will now be portrayed in the Aquaman title upon the return of writer Geoff Johns to the series. The Rise of The Seven Seas will reimagine the way the Seven Kingdoms of the ocean will interact within the DCU.
  • The Savage Dawn – Following his battle with infamous (and immortal) villain Vandal Savage, Superman has become truly desperate to regain his powers. This crossover event (taking place in Action Comics, Superman, & Superman/Wonder Woman) will show Superman going to unthinkable measures, such as exposing himself to Kryptonite, in a desperate bid to regain his powers, all while trying to survive his enemies, who are hellbent on killing the Man of Steel.


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