It may be another new Captain Marvel series, but will this one continue the cult success of Marvel’s new heavy hitter? Or will this be the Iron Man 2 of this long-running saga? Let’s review Captain Marvel #1 and find out.

So what are the most popular genres of media right now? Well because of Star Wars it’s going to be space, science fiction, and superheroes. Knock the two together to form a Canadian superhero team and you have the premise for Captain Marvels All-New All-Different series.

What’s so different? Well have you ever heard of SWORD? It’s basically a space version of SHIELD, but now it’s called Alpha Flight and they’re the first line of defence for Earth. Captain Marvel has joined the team and will be leading the very Canadian super hero posse. Alpha Flight is a team that occasionally get’s an ongoing series and usually gets cancelled. Notable members of the team are Puck and Sasquatch.

So let’s chat about the art… Since the first Captain Marvel series, I’ve always loved the art and that theme continues. The highlight for me? The space station Alpha Flight uses looks cool, though suspiciously like a maple leaf… I can’t imagine why.56743e05ade01

The colourful Star Trek uniforms of the Alpha Flight support staff looks cool as well. But what about the story?

Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel has joined Alpha Flight as a top dog and must learn to balance her diplomatic duties and her urge to hit things. Can she do it? Well, former SWORD agent and token now-powered Alpha Flight second in command Abagail Brand  doesn’t think so, or doesn’t like her. One or the other.

Fortunately, this number carries on this new tradition where a first issue has some depth and meat on its bones and doesn’t feel like a long teaser trailer for the trade paperback, which is great.

It does however miss an opportunity on using the Alpha Flight team a little more and explaining why a Canadian superhero team is now protecting the Earth.

The Star Trek crew inspired Alpha Flight support staff look like they’ll be useful too, and if we keep up the Star Trek meets superhero vibe. I may just buy another issue.

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