Power Rangers 0

I’ve been waiting for a Power Rangers comic aimed at an older audience for a long time, the question is, will it be any good? Well, the short answer is, yes, it was good, but as we’re here…

Power Rangers #0 is Boom Studios #0 for an upcoming Power Rangers series. The premise? Tell a slightly more grown-up story about the original Power Rangers and expand on its idea. Issue #0 does that and promises to do more of it… in 2 Power Ranger free months… that’s right this is the extended trailer for the upcoming feature.

We’ve got three stories in this slightly big issue. Our first story follows the most interesting of the original Power Rangers, Tommy the Green Ranger. The story is set after Tommy has turned good, but is struggling with the transition. Since he was under the spell of the witch Rita, Tommy still sees a ghostly version of her in his day-to-day life.

So this a big tick from me and likely other fans, with the comic following the character which made the show iconic. The next jump this show horse needs to clear is expanding on the budget constraints of its live action inspiration. Basically, better Megazord battles that don’t take place on a cardboard set.

boom comics

Yes, they do that and it’s pretty epic. Of course, the colourful anime inspired art makes it look pretty epic. And like any great trailer we left on a cliff hanger as Rita has recovered a piece of a Megazord, how does this affect Tommy? I’m excited to find out.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite comic relief duo Bulk and Skull have got their cartoonish backup story. If you really wanted the Bulk and Skull spin-off back in the 90s that Fox we’re thinking about, you’ll enjoy this.

The final tale is basically a short fan-film caught in comic book form and is basically a collection of tie-in comics produced for comic book convention season. Watch the epic Power Rangers battle you always wanted to see with a fusion of high kicks and giant robot action.

Overall? Okay it’s basically an extended trailer for the series so I can’t really comment on how well it reads so far, but as a set-up for the future series, I think it’s going to be fantastic.

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