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No, I still don’t have a Netflix account, but I do reckon I’ve sorted out the casting for Iron Fist, thank me later Marvel, because now it’s time for the will of youth. Rise up bushy brows, your time has come.

We  know we’ve got Luke Cage on the way, hell, we’ve already seen what the character can do in Jessica Jones. So where’s the next Marvel / Netlflix series? No casting news has been put forward about Marvel’s Kung Fu superhero, Iron Fist, a guy who got his powers from punching a dragon. Yes really. How cool is that?

Since Iron Fist’s powers are based in martial arts you need to cast someone who’s got a background in martial arts. Many years ago an Iron Fist project was pitched and veteran stage martial artist Ray Park who played Darth Maul, Snake Eyes, and Toad in the first X-men film.

But who would you cast now? Would you cast one of the chaps from The Raid? That guy from Man of Tai Chi? Or how about Marko Zaror (one of the bad guys from Machete Kills)?

Yeah these guys would probably stand a good chance at getting the role, but I offer a counter proposal. Cast Naruto’s Rock Lee as Iron Fist.

For the guys who aren’t a fan of Naruto, Rock Lee visually resembles a parody of Bruce Lee in appearance and within fighting style. With no fancy powers he’s put all of his time and effort into doing loads of push ups and practising flamboyant martial arts and proving his whacky and crazy methods do pay off.

After years of hard work, doesn’t Lee deserve a break? Everyone else has their fancy powers, Sakura is really strong, Naruto has a fox demon that lives in him and Sasuke has fancy pink eye. Shouldn’t Lee get to some special powers of his own?

If you’re like me and you watched the Naruto movie; The Last you to would have been a bit upset at the limited screen time that Lee receives. I mean come on, Sasuke get’s more screen time and he barely does anything at all. That’s we need Lee to become Iron Fist. End off.

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Nick Lasley
Nick Lasley

It was an Iron Fist movie that was in development.

Also, what the hell did I just read?

Scott Lien
Scott Lien

Sometimes the internet bites me and I have no Bactine.