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UK publisher and developer Curve Digital is set to get acquired by Kuju ower The Catalis Group and see the two merge into Curve Digital Entertainment.

[su_quote cite=”Dominic Wheatley, Catalis CEO”]Our acquisition of Curve Digital and merging them with Kuju means we have created the potential for a major new British games publisher, the first of its kind for many years, It’s also good news for the UK indie games community to have a professional publishing partner who can take their titles to the international market.

The new business will be headed by Catalis Group CEO Dominic Wheatley, the co-founder of British games publisher Eidos. Those who remember Eidos will recall that they were acquired by Sqaure Enix in 2009 for £85 million. Though no financial details of the merger have not been detailed but Catalis Groups is supported and funded by private equity.

[su_quote cite=”Jason Perkins, Curve MD”]Curve’s unique publishing model and expertise within the indie space has enabled us to grow steadily year on year, but this move will enable us to accelerate our expansion,

Curve Digital is best known for it’s successful Stealth Inc titles and for publishing a number of highly successful indie titles such as The Swindle as Thomas Was Alone. There list of published games continuous to grow weekly as well and becomes ever impressive as a wide range of titles are laid out. Kuju on the other hand is a work-for-hire development business that includes Zoe Mode studios and Headstrong Games. They currently work on titles for Ubisoft, Activision and Nintendo and have worked on titles for series such as Zumba, Pokemon and more.

[su_quote cite=”Stuart Dinsey, Curve Digital Entertainment chairman”]This is so exciting for all of us. We’re targeting business development across both Curve and Kuju.

This merge should mean good news for developers, consumers and the market as a whole. So look forward to seeing what Curve Digital Entertainment get up to in the coming months.

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