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The creators of Burnout have announced a brand new game, and before you get too excited, no it’s not another Burnout title, instead it’s a game called Dangerous Golf where you destroy as much as you can, with a golf ball.

Three Fields Entertainment is the new studio from the creators of Burnout, and consists of co-founder Alex Ward and Chris Roberts, both of which used to be a part of Criterion back in the day. They formed this new studio in 2014 and this week unveiled their debut title: Dangerous Golf.

In the game, players attempt to smash up a number of locations, including a petrol station, a kitchen, a palace ballroom, and a medieval castle. Players are rewarded higher scores for trick shots, and players can ultimately turn their ball into a bomb to set off a “SmashBreaker” which causes incredible amounts of damage the longer you can keep the ball heated up for.

dangerous golf

One of the key features about Dangerous Golf is the addition of couch co-op, but this isn’t just a simple turn-based controller passing affair. Players work together to cause as much chaos as possible to accumulate a much higher score.

“Back then we were limited to turn-based stuff,” Ward explained in an interview with Eurogamer. “In the co-op mode in this game you can play with your wife in the same scene. So you’re truly playing together and you have one score. So if you go first and you get 47,900, she’s then carrying on in that scene you’ve smashed.”

The co-op mode offers a lot more surprises too as well as a little more depth, so despite the game having a single player mode, it seems the couch co-op mode has a little more to it.

As for the future of Three Fields Entertainment, focus is on Dangerous Golf, but they would love to make a spiritual successor to their racing games at some point, they revealed.

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