Das Keyboard has made a name for itself over the past couple of years with their line of mechanical keyboards which offer both high quality and appealing design, and high quality construction. Now however, they’re branching out from the niche PC accessory market by offering a new Division Zero range aimed at gamers.

There are two types of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, there’s the typists and then there’s gamers. The latter of which opt for mechanical keyboards with high-speed switches allowing them to make split-second movements when needed, and Das Keyboard hopes their new range can offer that and then some.

The Das Keyboard X40 comes with two audio pass-throughs to support both headphone and mic. It also offers an individually backlit keyboard and a ton of software utilities to make the most of the keyboard.

What’s more, the keyboard offers Alpha-Zulu switches, which require just 45g of force to depress one of the keys. They’re also really quiet too and rated for 60 million strokes, which will likely last even the most intense gamer. In addition to the keyboard, Das Keyboard are also launching an M50 mouse, which comes packed with an Avago DNS-9800 LaserStream 4G sensor with support for up to 6400 DPI, and a number of programmable buttons. It also looks quite clean too, unlike some elaborate gaming mice.

Oh and it’s worth noting that the keyboard itself has a removable face plate which can be replaced with other face plates which Das Keyboard sells separately.

As for pricing, you can expect to grab the X40 Keyboard for $159 and the M50 mouse for $79 with the mouse available to purchase immediately. The keyboard on the other hand is set to launch in February with pre-orders opening now.


These are just the first accessories to land in Das Keyboard’s Division Zero range, we can likely expect some more to be revealed later this year.

das-keyboard-x40 das-keyboard-m50

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