Evolution Studios has already revealed that an update is coming to DriveClub next month, adding that they’re going to “pack a lot in,” but we weren’t sure exactly what this update will include. However, we do know that it’ll include a Hardcore mode.

Game director Paul Ristchynsky has announced on Twitter that one of the updates coming to DriveClub next month is a Hardcore mode. A mode that’ll turn all assists off including traction control and stability control, among other things.

A quick preview of the mode in action can be seen below:

Although hype for DriveClub has high at launch, following a bit of a botched release with servers crippling under the weight of players wanting to dive-into the competitive racer, things quickly went down hill for DriveClub. However, the game has come a long way since its October launch, so much so that Evolution Studios recently released a Bikes expansion.

With a huge update due in Feburary, it shows that Evolution Studios still has big plans for the racer, we’re just hoping updates from now on are free considering the Season Pass for the game ended in Summer last year.

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