Remember Evolve? That 4v1 shooter/hack and slash game where four “hunters” faced off over an incredibly overpowered monster? If you do, then good news, the game is about to get a brand new Hunter in the form of Dr. Kala Kapur.

As you might expect, Kapur is the latest DLC to be added to the incredibly huge list of DLC already available to the game.

Dr. Kala Kapur is an interesting specimen however, as she’s an “expert on Monster Biology” and has had her DNA spliced with that of the monsters, so she can use some of their abilities.

Speaking of which, her abilities include Siren Missiles, an improvement on Kraken technology which brings airborne missles down on nearby enemies. They can also be placed on the ground too to become homing mines. She also comes equipped with Teleport Pads, an improvement on Wraith technology allowing players to travel through rifts from one part of the map to another.

She’ll also be using Goliath’s armour technology in the form of the Armor Reducer, which temporarily eliminates Monster Armour, however a beam is required to stay connected to the beast to keep this feature active.

If you didn’t already know, Dr. Kala Kapur comes as part of an overarching slate of DLC in the Hunting Season 2 expansion which launched last year. The doctor is set to arrive on Wednesday.

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