Facebook had it’s Q4 earnings call yesterday, and it was a doozy.

Earning a revenue of $5.84 billion in the last quarter, which is thanks to 1.59 billion monthly users, the big blue giant is growing every day and through its new focus on mobile and video, is posing a major threat to YouTube.

Over 100 million hours of video per day is consumed by users on the platform, Mark Zuckerberg detailed, right before mentioning that Facebook would now begin developing a dedicated video channel as a result of the explosion of video consumption. Although YouTube is the giant that may never fail, thanks to things like the new pop-up player and 360 degree video, Facebook has certainly made a dent in it’s user base.

Facebook is also catching major mobile usage, seeing 80% of it’s users accessing the site on their phones, making apps like Instagram and Messenger huge ones for the social media site. Zuckerberg mentioned further integration with apps like Messenger for flight scheduling, a transportation partnership with Uber, and even turning the app into a mobile assistant of sorts.

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