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Fire Emblem Fates might not still have an EU release date but as the North American release draws closer and closer, some new details have been revealed for the games DLC.

Fire Emblem Fates is set to release on February 19 in North American with both Birthright and Conquest releasing on their own with the other path being available for an additional $19.99. The third path, Revelations, will be released later on in the year on March 10 for the price of $19.99. Though the additional paths are only available digitally there is hope for a complete pack that will include all the paths together.

The lastest news however is surrounding some of the DLC that will follow the release of the game’s two main paths. According to the game’s website, once a player has reached Chapter 6, the Dragon’s Gate will unlock and open to players giving them access to the DLC available for Fire Emblem Fates. Additionally Map Pack 1 can be purchased for $17.99 and will include all content listed below or they can all be purchased individually.

The full list of Fire Emblem Fates DLC, including price and release date is just below.

  • Feb. 19: Before Awakening (free)
  • Feb. 25: Boo Camp ($2.49) and Beach Brawl ($2.49)
  • March 3: Ghostly Gold ($2.49) and Museum Melee ($2.49)
  • March 17: Royal Royale ($2.49)
  • March 24: Hidden Truths I and II ($4.49)
  • March 31: Vanguard Dawn ($1.99)
  • April 7: Anna on the Run ($1.99)
  • April 14: Ballistician Blitz ($1.99) and A Gift from Anna (free)
  • April 21: Witches’ Trial ($1.99)

All of the DLC packs reportedly range in both difficulty and rewards and of course for the moment there is no official word on EU release details. Hopefully we will learn more about the EU release of Fire Emblem Fates soon.

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