Motorola has been passed around for the past couple of years with Google stripping the company of some of its research departments, then the remains were sold off to Lenovo, and now it seems Lenovo is to gobble up the company as the Motorola name may be no more.

Speaking with CNET, Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s chief operating officer explained that they’re slowly planning to phase out Motorola in the future with phones from the company will be known as Lenovo phones, but with the “Moto” nickname and the winged “M” logo. As far as consumers are aware, Motorola will soon no longer exist. The name will however remain in organisational settings.

This change may not just apply to phones, with products like the Moto 360 being tied to the Lenovo name instead of Motorola.

Motorola is the granddaddy of mobile phones after it invented them some 40 years ago. And while in the early 2010s they all-but disappeared, the past few years has been kind to the company following the launch of Moto X in 2013 and its acquisition by Google, since then they’ve launched a good number of Moto devices, all of which focus on high-power and affordability.

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