Google Cardboard made its debut in 2014 and has since been offering a budget VR experience to a number of people ever since, specifically around 5 million people have purchased themselves one of Google’s (and many other’s) Cardboard VR headsets.

Google has unveiled a few interesting snippets about its VR headset, simply called Cardboard due to the fact that it’s primarily made out of card, the first being that 5 million Cardboard viewers have shipped to users in just over a year and a half.

Those users have installed around 25 million apps that are compatible with Cardboard, including 10 million between October and December 2015. A pretty impressive number, actually.

Google Cardboard: Make Your Own VR Headset… Out of Cardboard.

Google Cardboard, for those who don’t often attend Google events, will cost you just $20, and is a pretty low-risk investment for those who want to experience Virtual Reality in its simplest form. And considering high-end VR may set you back around £1,300 this might be the best stepping stone for new users.

It’s also been a more accessible way for users to experience VR on a more grand scale, for example, it’s been used in classrooms to offer virtual field trips to over 15 locations around the world thanks to Google’s Expeditions Project.


Google has revealed that there’s much more on the way in terms of Mobile VR, which could suggest that Google may be considering more high-end hardware. What we know for sure is that Google just snapped up Vine’s Jason Toff, who’ll be at the company working specifically on VR.


Google’s next big event is Google I/O which is set to take place this May. Chances are we could hear some early news on Google’s next step into VR.

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