Now Google has pretty much conquered the world’s roads with its Streetview vehicle, the company has been working hard to document and allow the average joe to explore other corners of the earth, whether it’s inside museums, out in the frozen plains of Manitoba, Canada, or its latest adventure, an expedition of Mont Blanc massif.

That’s right, cancel your mountaineering training, you can now explore one of Europe’s tallest peaks right from the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately due to climate change, Mont Blanc’s glaciers are receding, meaning that in a number of years time we won’t get to experience views like this again, so it’s lovely that Google has documented it in such a way. And don’t think that this is any half-assed streetview, oh no, you can witness Mont Blanc in a number of ways.

You can run on the summit with Kilian Jornet, who holds the fastest record for ascending and descending the peak ( in just 4 hours 57 minutes!). Or you could Ice climb up a serac with alpine climber Ueli Steck, though if you’re afraid of heights, you could always join 14-time ski mountaineering champion Laetitia Roux and mountain guide Patrick Gabarrou.

It’s truly a sight to be seen, so check out the video above, or alternatively, explore Mont Blanc for yourself by heading to the summit, here.

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