Before Daybreak Games Studio became their own independent studio, they were Sony Online Entertainment, and while they were still SOE they unveiled their open world zombie survival game H1Z1 and launched it onto Early Access on PC with the promise to launch the game on PlayStation 4 too, however things have gone quiet on the PS4 front, but good news, news is incoming.

The studio has revealed this week that they’ll be making an announcement about the PlayStation 4 edition of the game “soon,” at least that’s according to the game’s producer, Chris Wynn.

Wynn announced this week that he had joined Daybreak game studio, and one of his first tweets as an employee of Daybreak was one everyone wanted to see, news about the PlayStation 4 version of H1Z1.

H1Z1 launched on Early Access on Steam almost a year ago. Much like its competitor DayZ, H1Z1 remains in an unfinished state with regular updates being rolled out. The game has since sold one million copies.

We’re going to be keeping a close eye on Daybreak to see what they have on the cards for PlayStation 4, though it’ll unlikely be an Early Access version of the zombie survival game as Sony is yet to offer some sort of preview program, unlike the Xbox One.

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