I’ll admit, I’m yet to dive into the detective world of the original Her Story, but the full motion mystery title is set to get a sequel, its developer has teased.

For those who don’t know, Her Story is an interactive movie game focusing on fictional interviews from 1994. Players take the role of a police detective and are presented with an old desktop with various files and programs, amongst those files are seven interviews, split into several clips in which players must figure out the clues using various keywords.

From what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty fantastic game with some great writing talent behind it. So for those who loved the first game, will likely be excited for the second.

Developer Sam Barlow has confirmed that a second is in the works, sharing the first page of the game’s script:

It’s worth noting though that the game won’t have any connection to Her Story, so it’ll be more of a spiritual successor to the game, likely with a new interviewee and overarching story.

You can grab Her Story from Steam or alternatively from the App Store for iOS.

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