So, we’ve heard a little about the expansion’s cryptic storyline, a little about the world we’ll be playing in, but not a lot on the buggies that, when the expansion was announced, will play a key part in the game considering the lack of buildings to jump around on. Now however, that time has come.

Dying Light was a pretty fast-paced game where players used parkour to leap and dive from rooftop to rooftop. It was a really smooth experience if you could figure out a path to take. In The Following, the game’s upcoming expansion however, there’s a distinct lack of buildings. So to combat the slow-paced gameplay you’d expect from walking around open fields, Techland has decided to introduce customisable buggies into the game.

“Your buggy is going to be crucial to surviving out in the open, so we want to create an emotional connection between players and their ride,” explains producer Tymon Smektała. “On top of the lethal weapons and upgrades you’ll be able to add, there are a lot of cool paint jobs, a number of unmistakable bobble heads and little charms to put inside, so you can really make the buggy your own.”

So what exactly can do you to your buggy? Well there’s three ways to customise your ride, first is by upgrading your vehicle with lethal additions such as flamethrowers, UV headlights, and ramming bars, to name a few.

Players can also add custom paint-jobs to their vehicles to make their buggies their own, they can also add accessories to their vehicles too, like the aforementioned bobble heads. Finally, much like the game’s weapon crafting, you can modify your ride with better performance and stability upgrades.

Check out the new trailer highlighting some of these options, above.

Dying Light: The Following launches on February 9.

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