Heroes of the Storm has received a new champion to its ever-growing roster of characters from Blizzard’s famous IP, a character which can switch between ranged and melee attacks on the fly.

Greymayne, from World of Warcraft, is the latest champion who has a pretty interesting ability, the ability to transform into a Worgen. This is a passive ability called Curse of the Worgen allowing him to switch between his usual form into a Worgen form, offering both ranged and melee attacks.

Interestingly, Greymayne feels a lot like two separate characters as his human form offers a number of different abilities and attacks compared to his Worgen form. However, most of his attacks seem intent on mostly doing damage, which I suppose is a good thing if that’s your play style.

To get a quick glimpse at what Greymayne can do, check out the trailer above. He’s currently available in the game for 15,000 gold, or $9.99.

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