Ladies and gentlemen, it almost happened, I almost got so unhappy with comics that I very nearly planned on taking a hiatus. Why was that? Well, I guess there were a few things. The most important thing is, how I got my groove back.

Let’s face it folks, the comic book industry is a bit hectic, especially in the last couple of years with this new culture of reboots and re-launches. With a constant new slurry of books streaming out, each promising to be all-new and all-different to the last volume that was also all-new and all-different.

With these all-new and all-different books usually there comes a tedious teaser trailer issue #1 and six-to-eight issues later, you’ve got a trade paperback, so I almost started to wonder, why bother collecting single issues? These re-launch and reboots just want me to buy an expensive trade and they don’t offer one single issue with a self-contained story.

Go back a few years ago, most stories lasted for three issues and it would move on. Being buried with all these new titles and finding a series I enjoyed and finding out a few issues later it’s been re-launched and is no longer the animal I feel in love with, it made me tired.

Another Spider-man re-launch? Another Daredevil series? More new creative directions? What was wrong with the last direction?

I didn’t go off comics totally, I just ended up reading a lot of strange things, mostly odd back-issues of Star Wars. The constant slurry was an overwhelming bucket of restarts had become overwhelming.

But I decided to press on… Until one boring Wednesday lunch time, I decided to spend my lunch hour browsing the boxes in a nearby comic book store, exploring the long collection of back-issues looking for something weird and wonderful.

If you’ve been to a comic book store, you’re probably very familiar with the store clerks/owner chatting away to the more chatty and enthusiastic of comic book readers. This is what bought me back, these three brilliant excited dudes talking about new issues and characters they liked and how they couldn’t wait for this or that.

I realised, it was okay to be behind, it’s okay to not ready EVERY new issue or whatever. I remembered, my core comic book reading principle: be adventurous when you read and read what you want.

It’s that, which brought me back.

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