A new Kickstarter campaign has just smashed through its initial $80,000 funding goal and it’s one that I must definitely have in my office, right now. SOMEONE HAND ME MY MAGNETS.

Air Bonsai, as the product is called, takes the traditional art of maintaining a tiny tree and completely turns it on its head. Instead of just another pretty miniature tree sat on your desk, the Air Bonsai has the tree floating on thin air and gently rotating creating something mesmerising and likely distracting for your office space.

The concept is simple. For $200, you’ll get your own “little star” which in its simplest form is a moss ball with a sponge interior which contains a magnet. You can of course pledge more to receive a more elaborate “little star” like a hollowed-out Lava Stone. You’ll also of course receive the “energy base,” which is the platform in which the “little star” floats upon. It’s made from traditional Japanese porcelain which houses another magnet and all of the technology inside.

It’s worth noting though that this is all you’ll get. It’s actually a DIY kit where you can plant your favourite Bonsai to create a personal “little star”. The Kickstarter was offering kits with trees included, but unfortunately they’ve all sold out. You can however purchase individual “little stars” without the base, so you can have multiple plants on the go.

So, if you’re a seasoned Bonsai gardener, then I’m sure this is an absolutely perfect pet project for you to further expand your Bonsai collection, it sure is pretty, too.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous campaign which I am definitely considering pledging too. $200 for a floating plant is a pretty wise investment, right?

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