Over the holiday period an FCC filing published on December 28, we get a glimpse at what could be the next Google Glass headset. This is the first device we’ve seen since Google announced Project Aura, a new team which has been hard at work on the next Glass headset.

This latest version of Glass possibly reveals what Google has in store for Glass users, and this time it looks as if they’re focusing on the market which will get the most use out of the headset: workplaces.

Though the device itself looks wholly familiar, there’s a new addition of a hinge which would allow Glass to be folded just like a regular pair of glasses. It has the same glass prism and an overall similar design of the original.

The only thing we’ve seen of this new device, which Google is calling the “enterprise version” is the headset plus the nose bridge. It’s unclear whether the device will be attach to another piece of metal like the previous design, or whether it’ll look more spectacle-like. According to reports, the new device will support 5GHz Wi-Fi and have a better battery, it’ll include a faster Intel processor, and have a much improved camera.

It’ll also be waterproof and more durable so it can survive more workplace environments than before.

Google is yet to actually announce anything surrounding the next Glass headset, so it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt – though FCC filings do usually result in a final product, things may change drastically before final release.

However, this push for creating a Glass headset for “enterprise” likely means that Google is focusing more on the workplace and less on the consumer, considering the early versions of Glass were found to be mostly useful in workplace situations such as surgery.

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