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Air Guitars, probably the biggest joke in the music world. We all know how to play them, its requires little skill, but it does require style. Something that I must admit, I don’t have, I look more like a dad trying to impress the kids at a party. Though, I doubt I look any better when I play a real guitar… Anyway, for those of you like me, with little style but some musical skills, what if that air guitar could actually play music? Introducing Kurv, and new Kickstarter campaign where your air guitar can actually make a sound.

Consisting of just two parts, Kurv is as air guitar as air guitars get. This isn’t one of those fancy motion-sensing boards which looks like a guitar, this is just a hand-held finger board and a over-sized pick which you flap about in order to make a sound.

Okay, so let me be a little more specific. Kurv is a brand new – already funded – Kickstarter campaign for a fairly interesting bit of kit. It’s dubbed as a completely stringless digital guitar, but it’s oh so much more than that.

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Kurv’s two parts are fairly simplistic, there’s a button board which clips around your hand where you press chords and notes, then the chunky pick can be used to strum said chords and notes using a flapping motion you’d use on a real guitar. The sensors inside the pick then recognises the movement and boom, the sound comes out of the smartphone or tablet you’ve paired the kit with.

With eight buttons located on the fingerboard, players use subtle gestures to manipulate the sound to further expand the musical possibilities of the device. What’s more, it looks incredibly comfortable compared to an actual fretboard.

Learning guitar isn’t easy, especially considering most of the songs we actually want to learn are way up there in terms of difficulty. So we’re stuck with learning crap like Wonderwall and annoying our family with the same four chords. Kurv will allow you to get past the same old crappy Oasis song and learn some actual music.

Kurv Guitar Play Kurv & Pick


The app, which is needed in order to use the Kurv also comes with a ton of songs which you can learn, including Wonderwall – if you really want to go down that path – and allows you to choose between Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Bass Guitar.

In addition to being an interesting way to play the guitar, the Kurv can also be used as a MIDI / OSC allowing musicians to take the Kurv and use it in their favourite DAW to step-up their music making, allowing them to manipulate the sound using gestures and much more.

So how much does it cost? Well, as much as I’d like to say that it costs about as much as a real air guitar, it unfortunately isn’t free. As the Kickstarter is now fully funded, you’ll be able to pick one of these bad boys up for around £150.

To check out more and purchase one for yourself, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

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