League of Legends developer Riot Games revealed a new trailer for the game teasing a new hero, that hero has now been unveiled as Jhin the Virtuoso, a marksman character where players need to keep their wits about them.

Dubbed the “slowest marksman yet,” due to the character being “meticulous and calculating,” players will need to watch their back as once you’re caught off guard, it’s game over.

Here’s what Riot has to say about Jhin:

Jhin’s assembling his gun and orchestrating his grand entrance onto the Rift. He’s meticulous and calculating – League’s slowest marksman yet. But when the murderous artist gets you in his sights, when he catches you off-guard, there’s not much that’ll save you from an inevitable, perfect death.

Despite Jhin’s obvious observation issues, the character seems pretty well equipped with a Whisper attack which, although requires a pause as he reloads, the last bullet in the chamber is always critical and deals bonus damage based on the target’s missing health. He’s also equipped with a grenade which, after hitting its first target will bounce to the next, and will do so four times. Terrible for teams who like to play in close proximity.


Jhin will work well with Darius, Natilius, and Morgana, but will probably have a hard time with Yasuo, Jarvan IV, or Lucian.


Riot Games has released a ton of information for Jhin, which you can check out over on the official League of Legends page.

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