[CES 2016] – LG Display is already thinking to the future and has shown off a new type of display at CES this year: a whopping 96-inch 8K TV which will surely make your eyes water. Though, if that’s not your thing, how about a screen which you can roll-up like a newspaper?

LG Display, the company who thinks outside the box when it comes to manufacturing display technology for both televisions and smartphones, will be making a splash at CES this week as it plans to show off a number of new developments in its display technology.

Among those developments is what LG are calling ‘LG Super UHD’. The Super UHD UH98000 is the company’s first production-ready 8K TV with a massive 98-inch LCD screen. And by ‘production ready’ LG is committed to launch the TV to consumers in the second half of 2016. Unfortunately there’s no word on pricing or availability just yet, though it’s highly likely to be released only on Korea.

Elsewhere LG have also unveiled a number of UHD TV’s including the UH9500, the UH8500, and the UH7700, which will refresh LG’s LED 4K models from last year. All of these feature an IPS panel which various LG-made enhancements to boost colours and contrast.

They also all support LG’s latest webOS 3.0 smart TV platform, which also supports HDR streaming from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, both of which also support 4K. Some of these models will be hitting the US in “early spring”.

LG display rollable 18-inch

If standard flat televisions aren’t your thing. LG also unveiled a rollable 18-inch display at CES allowing attendees to get hands-on with the new technology. Said to be as easy to roll as a piece of paper, this OLED display has been shown off before but merely as a proof of concept, however it now seems like its ready to reveal all.

While we’ve seen a number of curved displays from many TV OEMs, LG is looking past televisions and even smartphones with this technology. Instead it’s looking at more practical ways to use the curved technology such as the ability to bend around interior spaces and even the inside of vehicles as one demonstration shows a 25-inch screen curved on the inside of a car.

What’s more, LG also plan to show off a 55-inch “paper thin” TV that has all its electronics installed independently. Again, something that it has shown off independently as a proof of concept.


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