So here’s a cool idea for those of us with old games that we hold on to for sentimental reasons. There’s a Kickstarter going on for a company called Linked To The Wall.

The idea is to create a way from you to turn your old gaming disks, cartridges and collectibles into wall art, but keep them easily removable for play should you desire it.

Right now, they are working on cartridge mounts, which kind of look like framed small metal holder that allows for easy addition and removal of the game cartridges. The one in the picture also leaves room for a collectible of some sort. The acrylic display kits are a full mount that comes with an adhesive back for those of you that want to add a background game art piece and an acrylic cover. The picture used for this article is a project they put together for several Zelda pieces, as an example of what they can do, and it looks fantastic.

For those (like me) that have been playing games their whole lives (I’ve still got the wood grain Atari and joystick… shut up, I’m not old) and want something neat for a game room or a den, something like this is perfect. But, like I said, this is still in the Kickstarter stage, and needs a lot of help to reach its goal.

As of this writing, the campaign has 14 days left, with a goal of $40,000, but only $3,400 has been pledged. Should anyone be interested in helping them reach their goal, you can find their Kickstarter here: Linked To The Wall Kickstarter.

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