Ubisoft has revealed that a number of features may be missing from The Division at launch, including a substantial portion of New York and a feature that could be considered one of the most useful features.

When The Division launches next month, players won’t be venturing over the Brooklyn Bridge as showcased in previous videos for the game. It seems at launch players will be limited to Midtown Manhattan, at least for now. But there’s a good reason.

“For Tom Clancy’s The Division we are going with Midtown Manhattan,” creative director Magnus Jansen told The Examiner. “It is because of the 1-to-1 recreation and the way the pandemic has [happened]. Basically, everything has been hit and there are no more resources because everyone tried to get out. There is no more gasoline in the cars, there is no traffic, you’re on foot.”

Apparently Midtown Manhattan will offer a huge open world and should be more than enough to keep players occupied for the time being. That being said, DLC is planned for The Division which could indeed include other boroughs such as Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, as well as Brooklyn could be added, though it’s not confirmed.

If that wasn’t enough, Ubisoft has revealed that player trading won’t be available at launch and will be coming at a later date. Associate creative director Julian Gerighty explained to GamesRadar why, saying:

“It’s the reality of production. Some features make it, some features don’t,” simply put, player trading was one of the features which hasn’t met the priority list just yet. That doesn’t mean that it’ll never arrive, as, according to Gerighty, the game is an ongoing, evolving game, so it’s possible that a player trading system could come eventually.

“It’s something that obviously some people are very passionate about,” he said. “It’ll maybe make an appearance in the future.”

Player trading has often been missing from high-profile RPG shooters as of late, Destiny being the main offender with players calling for a trading system to be added pretty much since the game launched.

The Division launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 8.

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