Following a slight delay, Mojang has today announced a new release date for its brand new title, an action platformer that couldn’t be more further away from Minecraft if you tried.

Set to launch on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, Cobolt brings an action-packed platforming experience where players shoot, roll, and slow-mo their way to victory. And now it’ll be coming on February 2.

Cobalt will also feature a full single player campaign as well as challenge and survival modes. There’ll also be the option for local and co-op multiplayer modes too.

As for the Steam version, that’ll get Steam Workshop support allowing the PC community to build upon the game, probably with new levels and other interesting things. Though the game has been purchasable during its alpha phase, Mojang has also promised a Steam Key through players’ Mojang accounts – details of which will come later.

More thorough details can be found on the Mojang Blog.

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