Netflix currently has a five-star rating system for its users to rate whether they like a movie, tv show, or documentary, or not. But that could all about to change.

According to Business Insider who spoke to Netflix CPO, Neil Hunt, people tend to be critics when it comes to rating the film. They rate it on the actually quality of the film and not how much they enjoyed it.

What that means is films such as Adam Sandler’s ‘The Ridiculous Six’ were given a poor rating, even though they’re popular.

This film has had the fastest start of any film on the platform in terms of hours viewed. However, it has a poor rating in terms of stars. The two options Hunt is looking at are first a dislike/like signal or second, “some form of percentage match”.

This would be an interesting change and if it were the dislike/like signal, the chance of viewers being subconscious critics will definitely be reduced. Instead of thinking about the quality of the film, they will simply be thinking about whether they liked it or not, which seems to be what Hunt and Netflix want.

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