FFXV Sneaking

Get ready for Noctis and co. once again, because Square Enix have announced that a new installment of their Final Fantasy XV “Active Time Report” development diary series will be released this Saturday, January 30th, featuring director Hajime Tabata and global marketing director Akio Ofuji outlining a number of key updates to the upcoming long-awaited entry in the legendary series.

The new Active Time Report will expand on the warmongering empire of Niflheim, show off the latest battle footage, magic effects and stealth gameplay and provide more information about a previously teased March 2016 event.


Those who fancy giving the show a watch need only head over to the Square Enix Presents YouTube channel at 8pm PST on the day to watch the English-subtitled event unfold. Unfortunately for us UK folks that means 4am GMT on Sunday. Get some rest if you want to watch the event live!

Final Fantasy XV will (hopefully!) be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One at an as-of-yet undisclosed time in 2016.

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