Rainbow Six Siege has received a patch ahead of the launch of the upcoming Black Ice DLC which is set to land in February. The Patch is set to address a number of issues raised by the community including improved servers, hit detection, and much more.

Available on PC right now and hopefully on console by January 14 depending on how it’s received by PC players, the patch includes improvements to hit registration, the server tick rate has been updated to 60 times per second, and matchmaking has also been adjusted.

One of the main concerns for Rainbow Six Siege is the incredibly long and often frustrating wait times between games, so hopefully the new patch addresses this problem. In addition, improvements for parties of players has also been added, which increases chances of “pre-made parties being matched against a squad with an equal number of pre-made parties within them”. Matchmaking based on skill has also been improved.

For PC users, they can edit their game settings file to adjust their default data centre, with plans for more accessible support for this feature to come. For everyone else, Ubisoft has prioritised data centres when matchmaking to hopefully improve ping.

The full patch notes can be found in Ubisoft’s forum post, which also highlights a number of community nominated fixes. However, if something you’ve suggested hasn’t been fixed yet, don’t worry as Ubisoft is still working down a long list of high-priority fixes it put on schedule during January.

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Dan Spurr
Dan Spurr

rubber banding, warping and lousy hit registration are still prevalent. Lobby times have improved slightly in waiting from squad up, on the flip side the post operator selection "map load" have gotten worse becoming even more noticable those with PC's not quite upto date i.e no SSD or bad internet.