Microsoft is phasing out older operating systems sooner than we thought with a new announcement which reveals the company will no longer support Intel Skylake or newer chipsets on operating systems older than Windows 10.

If you’re adamant on running Windows 7 or 8.1 for the forseeable future, you might be limited in your upgrade options when it comes to your CPU as Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be the only operating system to support Intel Skylake and newer chips.

In a pretty hefty blog post, Microsoft announced the news which essentially leaves those with Skylake chips and older Windows OSs in the dust.

“Windows 7 was designed nearly 10 years ago before any x86/x64 SOCs existed,” Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said. “For Windows 7 to run on any modern silicon, device drivers and firmware need to emulate Windows 7’s expectations for interrupt processing, bus support, and power states- which is challenging for WiFi, graphics, security, and more.

“As partners make customizations to legacy device drivers, services, and firmware settings, customers are likely to see regressions with Windows 7 ongoing servicing.”

Simply put. If you’re hoping to run Windows 7 on a Skylake PC, think again.

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What this means for the future of computing is that most new PCs, which will likely contain the latest Intel chipsets, will come with Windows 10 installed, if not already. And for those keen to roll-back the system to a more preferred OS, such as Windows 7, will be shit out of luck.

Microsoft has however highlighted that the company will be publishing a list of devices running Skylake chips and Windows 7/8/8.1 that’ll be exempt from this rule and will remain supported through to July 2017.

After then however, you better get used to Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has also highlighted that it’s not just Intel chips that’ll only be supported by Windows 10. Next-generation AMD and Qualcomm chips will also only support Microsoft’s newest OS. Intel’s Skylake however will be the first to loose support of older OS.

Now, this will likely make some people unhappy, as Windows 10 itself is still working through some kinks, especially with older software and certain games. So this news will likely leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who still prefer Windows 7 over Microsoft’s new OS.

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