[CES 2016] – Despite CES being known for its wealth of gadgetry and home computing, it’s quickly becoming the place to hear about the latest in vehicular technology, whether it’s self-driving cars, collision detection, and other tech-based features, chances are there’s something being shown at CES. The latest to jump on that trend is NVIDIA.

That’s right, popular PC component and chip maker NVIDIA has once again announced something for the motor industry. This time it’s the NVIDIA Drive PX2, a new supercomputer for self-driving vehicles which packs the equivalent power of 150 MacBook Pros, all of which sits inside of a computer about the “size of a lunchbox.”

The Drive PX2 contains 12 CPU cores that support a combined eight teraflops and 24 deep learing tera operations per second, what’s more, it’s water cooled, which is pretty awesome in itself, though probably a little overkill, maybe?

What NVIDIA is basically trying to create here however is a fully self-contained autonomous car which learns as it works without any dependency on connectivity to the cloud.

According to NVIDIA, Volvo is the first company to make use of the Drive PX2.


Aside from the new hardware, NVIDIA is also working on a platform called “NVIDIA Drivenet” and is already testing the system on its own self-driving vehicles. It’s also working with Audi to test its systems, with Daimler, BMW, and Ford also using the system to develop their self-driving vehicles too.

The past couple of years have been pretty important for the development of self-driving cars, with companies like NVIDIA and Google developing the necessary tools to improve systems, chances are we could see self-driving cars become common place in a couple of decades. I mean, that’s what I hope for, anyway.

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