You’ve gotta love Devolver Digital, they know how to spin a story, a story that’s almost convincing until you read the obvious line in the press release which confirms that it is indeed a bit of a fib.

OmniBus, a game which comes with its own 20+ year, entirely fictional development history, is a retro-inspired game where players get behind the wheel of a bus that just keeps on truckin’.

Coming this Spring to PC, Mac, and Linux, OmniBus is like Speed but on crack as players try to control an out-of-control bus which is completely indestructable and ploughs through other vehicles, walls, and other city-like structures, without a care in the world.

“After over two decades of development we’re absolutely thrilled to finally ship OmniBus and let gamers experience the world’s premier OmniBus simulator” said developers Amir Badri and Jeremy Crockett, together at exactly the same time.

Dubbed the “world’s premier next-to-last gen physics game”, OmniBus features retro-inspired graphics that’d probably be more suited to a PC in the late 90s. Players will be tasked to complete missions as OmniBus gets gradually faster and faster, but don’t let it land on its roof or its sides, otherwise it’s game over.

“OmniBus will revolutionize the way we all think about video games and buses as it totally changes the public transportation video game simulation paradigm,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Our team debated not even releasing OmniBus as it will make the rest of our games look bad in comparison.”

Check out the game’s trailer above for a completely daft look back at the game’s totally not fictional development history.

*a completely fictional time, honest.

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