PlayStation VR

Right now, Virtual Reality at home isn’t as affordable as we’d like, that is unless you have around £1,200 to splash on a VR headset and the high-end PC needed to run it. However, if this retailers pricing for the PlayStation VR is correct, we could be seeing the first affordable headset, quite soon.

Sony’s Project Morpheus, or as it’s known now, PlayStation VR, looks quite promising. Apparently it won’t need any external processing power, working exclusively with a PlayStation 4, which is damn sight cheaper at £300 for a console than £900 for a PC needed for the Oculus Rift. But how much will the headset itself cost?

Well, according to three Swiss websites, the PlayStation VR could cost around 500 Euro, which converts to roughly £380 give or take a tenner, or around $540 depending on your currency.

Sony has yet to confirm the price of the headset, nor do we know where this pricing came from. It could entirely be possible that they’re just placeholder listings for the headset in preparation for the actual pricing confirmation.

Either way, if the PlayStation VR is priced anywhere near the £380/£400 mark, it’ll certainly be making VR more affordable, especially considering a PlayStation 4 costs around £300, players will only need to spend a total of £700 to experience VR at home, that is, if they don’t already own a PlayStation 4. Considering Sony has revealed that the console has sold 35 million+ units, there’s a high chance that consumers already have the hardware needed to run PlayStation VR.

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