Hey crooks, if you thought you were safe on your current-gen console or Xbox 360, then think again as Prison Architect is coming to lock you up this Spring.

Introversion Software’s prison building and management sim, Prison Architect, is coming to consoles later this year, the developer announced today. The console edition will be handled by the capable hands of Double Eleven, the same developers who looked after games such as Limbo and Goat Simulator.

Prison Architect, after a serious round of crowdfunding, had been in development for five years. Development was largely funded by Introversion allowing players to purchase an early Alpha version of the game which was constantly updated with new content and fixes. This lasted for a number of years until the game finally launched in October last year.

“The team at Double Eleven approached us with their ideas for how to make the PlayStation 4 Edition and we were really excited about where they wanted to take it,” Introversion co-founder Mark Morris wrote in a new update on the EU PlayStation blog.

The console version of the game will introduce a new Prison Warden mode introducing players to the game, complete with pre-built prisons. There’ll also be the ability to build and share other players’ prisons, much like the PC version’s Steam Workshop integration.

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