Let’s face it, we’ve all had a teacher like Snape: mean and nasty, but all very well intentioned. Yes, that’s right. That grumpy potions teacher, in my opinion, was an all-right geezer, he just enjoyed being grumpy. We all enjoy doing that, yes all of us.

Be ready to forget that your favourite Hogwarts teachers like Lupin, Dumbledore, Mad-Eye Moody and Gilderoy Lockhart, is now the age of Snape, the best way to remember Alan Rickman, who also had the best scene hands down in Dogma in my opinion.

Point one, sometimes you have to cruel to be kind. Snape knew Harry’s mum, a fairly clever person, being the inside optimistic he hopes that her son Harry is a clever Trevor as well. Being a bit mad at Harry’s bully dad and knowing the world is fairly harsh, small doses of cruelty will help young Hogwarts students cope with the real world.

Point two, yes, he was a bit chummy with Malfoy and all those other unlikable Slytherin chumps, but he kept Malfoy close because he knew that his dad is a bit of a plug hole (who actually tried to use the killing curse on Harry in the second film) so he could keep a better eye on him. Yes, he gave Malfoy a wide berth, just so he wouldn’t notice his cunning plan that’s why.

Point three, he did the dirty jobs that the other goody good guys thought they were too good to do. Like anyone in their youth, Snape made some mistakes and hung around with the Death Eaters, but we all do stupid stuff when we’re young, like listening to terrible music or wearing just awful, awful clothes. So, when the good guys need a plan against Voldemort, Snape stepped up and did some heroic undercover work that the likes of Lupin and Tonks were too good to do.

Is my Harry Potter knowledge faulty or has a Potter fanatic said this already? Well grab a quill and some parchment and write a letter. Tie it to your owl and see how that works out for you.

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