Now, don’t get too excited PC gamers, but Remedy Entertainment’s Xbox exclusive Quantum Break could be coming to PC, if a recent listing on the Brazil Advisory Rating Board is to be believed.

Quantum Break is a tricky one, it’s a third person shooter, but it’s also a drama. Aside from the third person time-bending gameplay, the game also set to contain a live-action series that’ll offer player choice at the end of each episode that’ll present a different outcome depending on choice. How players progress through the game will also have an effect on the series, which is pretty interesting.

The series consists of four episodes, that are about 22 minutes each, and players are encouraged to watch the series to get the whole story of the game.

Quantum Break is set to launch on Xbox One on April 5. Remedy, nor Microsoft has announced a PC release, but a new listing on the Brazilian Advisory Rating Board has the game rated for PC. This could just be a placeholder if the developers decide to bring the game to PC, much like The Witness and its Xbox One rating.

However, Remedy co-founder, Sam Lake, has previously said that he hopes the game will be released on PC one day.

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