Google Glass had a good run, but it seems the company has put its failed wearable to bed as it closes down all social media channels associated with Glass. Though it’s not like we didn’t see it coming.

Glass was Google’s attempt at thinking outside of the box when it comes to wearables. It was a good concept with a pretty flawed start. Early adopters of Glass, also known as Explorers, were required to stump up over £1,000 to grab themselves a headset, which was in its very early prototype stage.

In a nutshell it allowed its user to read and reply to messages, browse the web, as well as take photos and videos. It was essentially a smart watch before smart watches really took off. It went through various stages of development and had a bunch of new features added to it too, it also faced a fair bit of controversy too as people felt it breached privacy with a number of establishments banning the headset completely.

The only place that Glass really took off was in the workplace, specifically in industries where having a tiny screen available at a glance was super handy, like the medical industry.

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Then early last year Google put an end to its Explorer program and ceased to sell Google Glass headsets. At the time we presumed Google had a second-gen version of its headset on hand, then it unveiled Project Aura, a new division focused on not only Google Glass, but other intelligent wearables. Then word came in of an Enterprise Edition of Glass which suggested Google was focusing more on the workplace than consumers with its next Glass headset.

Then, Glass disappeared from the web completely. Google’s latest nail in the Glass coffin is the removal of all social media associated with Glass, including Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and even Google Plus accounts, with the latter offering a parting statement:

“Hi Explorers, we’ve had a blast hanging out with you on G+ throughout the Explorer Program.”

As to why Google has shut down all Glass accounts is unknown as Google have refused to issue a statement on the matter. Though chances are it’s that Glass will no longer be a consumer-oriented project.

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