Rainbow Six Siege is an absolutely fantastic game, if you can get in one that is. And I’m really looking forward to the release of the game’s first DLC which not only brings a free map for everyone to use, but also two new operators which can be unlocked for free – if you can put the work in.

Though we know that the DLC will be based on Canadian Operatives, we’re not entirely sure what the DLC will contain. An earlier leak showed off what the map may be, and it seems to be based on a frozen boat. As for the operatives, well they’ve been leaked now too.

Images of the two new operators for Rainbow Six Siege have been published online giving us an early look at the new characters and what skills they’ll possess. The images were uploaded onto the game’s subreddit from 4chan, and while we’re unsure where they came from, they look pretty legitimate.

The two new operators coming in Operation Black Ice, named Frost and Buck, are decked in winter warmers likely due to the nature of the new frozen map. Frost offers a “mechanical trap to incapacitate enemies” and Buck “toggles under-barrel shotgun attachment on his main weapon.”

Check out the images below:

Additional weapon stats can also be found here.

One user posted the impressions of the original tipster on the subreddit too. On the two operators and the new map they said:

Buck isn’t that great, his under barrel shotgun attachment doesn’t provide a whole lot to me. I could be wrong and others may like him, but I didn’t really at all. Frost on the other hand is pretty great. She lays down bear traps and if someone walks over them their leg gets stuck and they go down. They aren’t that easy to notice either, especially in wire. Since I never got stuck in one myself I am unsure if you eventually bleed out or not, but I do know that you can be picked up by a team mate if you get stuck. There’s also a new map, Yacht. It’s a luxury ship that is stuck in ice. It looks really nice but I didn’t get to play it very much so I can’t say much as to the layout and such.

Ubisoft revealed ahead of launch that the DLC will come by way of patches and all of the content will be available to players for free, provided they can put enough time in to unlock it.

Aside from some cosmetic items, pretty much all of the content in Rainbow Six Siege can be unlocked using Renown, the game’s earn-able in-game currency. R6 points are too available and cost real cash, this currency allows players to unlock certain cosmetic items as well as a chance to get operatives much sooner.

A Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass is also available for the game which offers players one week early access to the new Operators as well as some R6 points and an increased Renown earn rate. The Season Pass costs $30.

Ubisoft recently pushed back the release of the first DLC to February.

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