Leslie Benzies. Do you happen to know the name? No? Allow me to enlighten you.

Benzies was the President of Rockstar North. Yes, that Rockstar, that produces our beloved Grand Theft Auto series. Benzies has also been producer of that particular series since GTA 3, not to mention having a hand in other great titles like L.A. Noir (great game, little replay value but still worth it) and Red Dead Redemption (wicked awesome too).

It turns out that he has been on sabbatical since GTA 5 launched towards the end of 2014. Earlier this week, it came to light that he has elected not to return at all. He’s been with Rockstar for 15 years, and judging by the statements release by the company, there is no bad blood between the two. Great news in this day and age of things like Konami being petty babies about Kojima leaving and… Anyway, moving on.

There hasn’t been any word on what he will be doing next, nor any clarification on why he decided to leave. There’s also no word on what, if any changes this will bring about for the GTA franchise.  We can say that the online has been chugging along with updates and great content just fine without him, so that’s promising.

Either way, good luck Mr. Benzies, and thanks for all the car jacking, hooker killing memories.

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