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As the latest flagship smartphones become more expensive, it becomes difficult to stay up to date with the latest handsets, not to mention being tied to a contract for two years can quickly put you behind with the times. Fortunately, if you’re a fan of Samsung handsets, this new upgrade program might be right up your alley.

In a new report out of ETNews in Korea, Samsung is planning to launch a scheme similar to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, when it announces the next flagship Galaxy device, presumably the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. This matches up to rumours from a few months back, which suggests Samsung could really be considering such a program.

The report doesn’t go into details, unfortunately, so we have no idea how Samsung hope to achieve this and what it’ll cost customers. It does however state that customers will be able to pay a monthly rental fee and hand the phone back after 12 months for the latest model.

The idea is pretty much identical to Apple’s program, with users signing a 24 month agreement, paying instalments for 12 months, then returning the used phone for a new one after a year of use.


Samsung is apparently going to be launching this scheme in March when they’re rumoured to be releasing the new Galaxy S7. The plan is expected to launch initially in Korea, with a rollout in the US and other countries later.


Samsung is expected to announce their new flagship at the Mobile World Congress in March. We’re also expecting the company to announce another version of its Edge smartphone too.

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