[CES 2016] – We’ve already seen images of Samsung’s futuristic fridge which comes with a gigantic touch screen, but now we have the details, and it might possibly be the best appliance that I could never afford.

Although Samsung’s ‘Family Hub’ fridge seems like something from the future, it’s firmly placed itself in the here an now. As a fridge, it has everything you’d expect, but it’s more than just a place to discover that gone-off jar of mayonnaise, it’s a connected device which hopes to make leaving the house a distant memory.

The headline feature here is the massive 21.5 touch screen which comes loaded with a shopping app created by MasterCard. It lets you order groceries right from the door, and what’s even better, it combines carts from multiple stores meaning that you’ll get everything you need without leaving the house.

Right now the app supports orders from FreshDirect and ShopRite, with more stores being added throughout the year, according to MasterCard. There’s also some security features in place if you have children meaning that if they decide to order 100 packets of biscuits and chocolate buttons, you can approve the order before it goes through (and why wouldn’t you).

As you’ve probably noticed, they’re two stores firmly located in the states, so chances are a UK release may not be on the cards just yet.


The massive screen is powered by Tizen, Samsing’s proprietary OS, so don’t expect to be downloading Angry Birds from the Play Store. Aside from the touch screen, the Family Hub Fridge also includes three cameras that take an image every time the door closes, and you can also check the levels of milk from a companion app for iOS and Android. There’s also a built-in speaker for playing music, with the Pandora app built in to do just that. There’s also Bluetooth within the Fridge so you can connect other speakers around the house. Oh, and the screen can also mirror what’s on your Samsung Smart TV.

There’s also calendar apps, task apps, photo apps, weather apps, and YouTube, as you’d expect from a smart fridge, right? All of this can be controlled from a companion app too, so you really have no reason to leave your bed other than to restock the fridge.

As for the refrigerator itself, it comes with advanced humidity and temperature sensors as well as a “FlexZone” which can work as either a fridge or a freezer, especially handy when you accidentally order 10kg of onions thinking you were ordering 10 individual onions.

The Family Hub fridge should be available in the US this May, but no pricing has been announced. There’s also no word whether it’ll launch outside of the US.

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