[CES 2016] – Samsung is pushing the smart home this year, with the announcement that all of their Smart TV’s will now come IoT ready and compatible with the company’s own smart Internet of Things platform, but a smart fridge? That seems a bit silly, right?

Apparently not for Samsung, who has recently shared pictures of its new fridge-freezer which comes complete with a massive touch screen installed into one of the doors.

In a number of new images, Samsung’s fridge, which is set to get a full announcement at CES later today / this week, contains a massive screen and Android-like buttons, as well as a voice command button which likely allows for the user to add reminders to the device.

Samsung is apparently calling this the “family hub refrigerator,” according to Google Translate, and according to promotional images around the show floor at CES this week, the screen on the fridge is set to replace the standard reminder / calendar whiteboard some families have.

Though it seems a little silly, it’s actually quite a clever idea, as instead of just being limited to a calender or a reminder notepad on the fridge, the screen can contain all of these and more. Apparently there’s also music apps available too such as Pandora.

The fridge’s pricing, official name, and features, are all likely to be fully unveiled later today or later this week. So stay tuned for that.

samsung fridge buttons


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