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Here’s an interesting development… Considering Nintendo is supposedly readying up their next “gaming device”, Codename NX, for a big reveal this year, news has come in that Smash Bros. may be a launch title for the system.

According to Tokyo-based game industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto, Bandai Namco supposedly has a number of titles in development for Nintendo’s upcoming hardware, one of which is Super Smash Bros.

Although Toto didn’t reveal any information on when we can expect Codename NX to launch, he also added that he was unsure whether this is a new Smash Bros game for NX, or whether it’s a port of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. What he is confident about however is that it’ll be a launch title for the system.

Now, considering Super Smash Bros. is still receiving content, it’d be a little odd for Nintendo to launch a new game. It’s entirely possible that the NX version will be a largely similar game to the Wii U version, but with NX exclusive features.

Unfortunately Nintendo has been keeping Codename NX under wraps for some time only revealing that more information would be coming in 2016.

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