[Heads up, the language in this article and video are NSFW]

“A message to Xbox One or Microsoft or whoever the fuck – y’all fucking server is fucking whack, man.” – Snoop Dogg

Sometimes, technology can let us down. It seems to always do it at the most inopportune times too, like when you’re sitting down after a good herbal remedy session, and you need to get your Madden on.

Unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, even he isn’t immune to the sobering reality of server down time. Having evidently pledged his allegiance to the green gaming machine that is Xbox, he blew off some steam and frustration on Instagram over an outage on Wednesday.

“It’s that difficult to play somebody online. What the fuck is you doing Bill Gates? Fix your shit, man.” – Snoop Dogg

Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come 👿👿✨🌟🏈

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Apparently there was a legitimately lengthy outage on Wednesday, affecting “in-game matchmaking, Game DVR, leaderboards, avatar editing, pictures, cloud storage, and finding friends” according to the Xbox Live status page.

All should be well for Xbox gamers currently, but it seems they may have lost at least one super high profile fan due to the issues for now with Snoop declaring, “y’all gonna make me switch to PlayStation if y’all don’t get this shit fixed.”


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