With the launch of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition almost upon us, Techland has unveiled what’s in store for us in terms of the sheer size of the new world we’ll be entering when the expansion launches next month.

If you didn’t already know, Dying Light’s next big expansion, titled The Following, will be bringing with it a host of new content, but one of the biggest new additions is the game’s new region players can explore. This new region, according to Techland, is more than twice the size as the original game, and includes new characters, enemies, quests, and much more.

‘We made sure the new region is full of diverse environments that allow for both driving and free-running. We’ve added lots of little details that tell various apocalyptic stories if you look closely, and placed rewarding secrets for the most inquisitive’ – reveals producer Tymon Smektała. – ‘We’re also proud to confirm that despite the much bigger map and many visual enhancements, the system requirements for PC players remain exactly the same.’

Aside from the map, another notable inclusion is the game’s addition of customisable buggies. You can read up more on that here.

Dying Light: The Following launches as both a standalone expansion for those who own the base game – which is included in the game’s Season Pass – or as part of an Enhanced Edition, a re-released version of the game which packs all of the DLC together into one neat package.

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