Sony E3 2014

This morning Sony announced that it has formed a new company which combines Sony’s Computer Entertainment with Sony’s Network Entertainment to create Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Sony Interactive Entertainment will bring everything PlayStation under one roof, including PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR as well as digital services such as PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue.

“By integrating the strengths of PlayStation’s hardware, software, content and network operations, SIE will become an even stronger entity,” said global CEO of Sony Andrew House.

In a “renewed commitment” to PlayStation products, says Sony, the two companies will combine hardware, software, and creative resources into one single unit. Simply put, Sony is going ham on all things PlayStation following the unprecedented success of the PlayStation 4.

Right now, this move is unlikely to make any impact on players right now, but in the future it could mean big things for PlayStation.

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