What would you get if you blended the eerieness of Limbo, Tim Burton-like animation, and co-operative gameplay? That my friends would be Shadow Puppeteer, a new couch co-op game from Sarpeta Studio where players work together to solve puzzles in a very unique way.

The game, which also features a single player mode, has players control a boy who’s been separated from his shadow by the evil Shadow Puppeteer. His shadow who is also playable can be switched between on the fly, or alternatively can be controlled by another player, to help solve puzzles and find the Puppeteer and free other shadows he’s stolen.

Players work together in completely unique ways. The shadow acts as another character and can manipulate objects to get through areas in which the boy cannot. It takes smart thinking and co-operation to really succeed.

Shadow Puppeteer is already available on Steam to mostly positive reviews. We tried the game out at EGX 2015 and we have to say, it’s a truly fantastic addition to the Wii U and we’ve been looking forward to its release for some time.

The game launches on Wii U on January 28.

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