Although Rocket League hasn’t hit Xbox One just yet, a swath of exclusive content will be coming to the game. It began with a few exclusive vehicles in the style of HALO and Gears of War vehicles, but now Sunset Overdrive’s Fizzie is set to splurge his orange goop all over the place.

Remember Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, that fairly ambitious open-world bouncy-shooty-colourful game from Insomniac Games? It was a brilliant game, it was just lacking… something? Anyway, if you do remember the game, there’s some pretty exciting content coming to Rocket League when it lands on Xbox One later this year.

In a post on the Insomniac Games blog, Marcus Smith, Creative Director, Sunset Overdrive announced the news that Sunset Overdrive content would be coming to the game in the form of an Overcharge Rocket Boost and a Fizzie Anntena Toy.

Unfortunately we still have no date as to when Rocket League will be launching on the Xbox One, though we do know it’ll be launching at some point next month.


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