The Black Death, a pandemic which swept across Europe in the 14th century, isn’t something we worry about nowadays y’know, with decent healthcare and hygiene. But a brand new game coming from Greenman Loaded and UK based startup studio Syrin Studios, you’ll be able to throw yourself into a medieval world, fighting for survival.

The Black Death is a brand new MMO survival game allowing players to choose their own path in this cold dark and infected world. Survival, as you may expect, is key to the game, but death is seemingly inevitable. The game, along with other players, will be filled with villagers, wildlife, and infected victims. Will you survive? Probably not.

Syrin Studios is hoping to launch the game onto Steam’s Early Access program in March, and hope to offer a new kind of survival experience by allowing players to shape development.

On the game’s Early Access release, The Black Death will include the ability to hunt, harvest, or steal supplies in order to survive. 10 different classes to suit various play styles including Warriors, Peasants, and Minstrels. There’s also going to be an 8 kilometre square world in which players can survive, with its own day and night cycle, animals, and unique characters to interact with.

The game will also include the ability to earn money and spend it on a variety of different items including weapons, armour, and more.

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